20% Vitamin C+ Vitamin E 10% Ferulic Acid Serum 30ml

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Next-generation powerful anti-aging anti-oxidant super serum.
We are dedicated in providing you with the utmost unique innovative top quality topical treatments !! which are all made with pure & natural ingredients carefully crafted & blended together to deliver optimal performance.
Vitamin C has an impressive multitude of benefits in skin care from being a potent powerful anti-oxidant to protecting & promoting collagen production. Here is a list of key benefits of why you should incorporate Vitamin C into your daily skincare routine
– It protects your skin from UV rays & reverses photodamaged skin
– It is a powerful antioxidant which will protect your skin from free radicals & pollution
– It also reduces hyper-pigmentation & evens out a dull tired skin tone into a brighter more illuminating skin tone and don’t we just all love to have that glow & go?
– Improves skin clarity tone & texture leaving you with youthful hydrated glowing skin
– Lightens Brightens illuminating skin tone
– Promotes Collagen Production
– Fades Age/Sun Spots
– Regeneration of damaged skin cells
– Strengthens blood vessels & broken veins
– Potent Antioxidant
-Minimizes dark under-eye circles & puffiness
-Protects skin from free radicals & oxidants
 Whilst Vitamin C is a powerful anti oxident it is advised you store your serum away from direct sun light this is the reason for the opaque   bottle, You can store your serum bottle at room temperature or if you are like me an insist on my serums being nice & cool why not store it in   your fridge.
You will see many Vitamin C products on the skincare market combined with Vitamin E the reason for this is that the Vitamin E stabilizes Vitamin C for maximum skincare protection also you will see Ferulic acid in the mix to reason being it helps lower the PH level of vitamin c to below 3.5 percent so it is easily absorbed by your skin. We also put our own unique spin on the serum we added hyaluronic acid to give you the ultimate hydrated experience.

11 reviews for 20% Vitamin C+ Vitamin E 10% Ferulic Acid Serum 30ml

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  1. Quality of skin so much better since using this product.

  2. works well for my skin

  3. My skin looks clearer and brighter.

  4. Excellent product

  5. Great product and price

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