Retin A Gel 0.04% Microsphere Gel 15g

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Retin A Gel 0.04%

✔️ Anti-Acne

✔️ Anti Wrinkle

✔️ Collagen production plumps out the skin

✔️ Decreases fine lines & wrinkles, reverses photo sun damage



Tretinoin Retin A Micro Gel 0.04% (Generic Retin-A Micro)


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Tretinoin Retin A Micro Gel 0.1% contains tretinoin in a retinol gel base with microspheres. It differs from generic Retin-A as it is bright yellow in color and contains time-released microspheres which deeply penetrate into the skin’s epidermis, it is marketed as having fewer side effects than generic tretinoin.

Tretinoin is derived from Vitamin A. It is used to treat acne to prevent the formation and spread of acne, pimples, and blackheads. It is also used to treat sun-damaged skin pigmentation It works by removing dead skin cells, increasing collagen production, and plumping out the skin it leaves younger, brighter more youthful skin cells.

Retin A is used also to treat sun-damaged skin. Pigmentation hyperpigmentation and Sun/Age Spots. It reduces excessive oil production in the skin.

Manufacturer Is Janssen pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson

Directions For Use

Do your PM skincare routine as normal make sure you apply the Retin-A Tretinoin directly to clean dry skin avoiding the corners of your eyes nose and mouth where your skin is thinner apply no other product after the tretinoin and let it work its magic. The following morning we recommend you do your AM routine as normal & Apply Lipids Rapid barrier recovery Cream as this will restore any lost hydration during your tretinoin night-time treatment honestly this product is a must if you are a devoted Retin-A Tretinoin user here is the link underneath.

LIPIDZ Barrier Repair Cream 50ML | TRETINOIN WORLD

 We also strongly advise that you wear SPF50 The following morning for 2 reasons Retin-A Tretinoin degrades in sunlight & also it makes your skin hyper-sensitive to sunlight as it is removing the top layer of dead skin cells we hand-picked Z-Block Zinc Oxide SPF 50 for a number of reasons. It was created and tested by dermatologists and is widely accepted by dermatologists it is a physical mineral sunscreen with no harmful chemicals PA +++ Broad spectrum UVA **** Critical wavelength 370 very water-resistant Paraben free. It is also deeply hydrating and makes a good primer to another hidden bonus if you are applying your make-up after your SPF Application. The Link is underneath

Z-Block Sunscreen Anti-Aging SPF 50 Water Based Gel 50ml | TRETINOIN WORLD



6 reviews for Retin A Gel 0.04% Microsphere Gel 15g

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Image #1 from Yongchan K.
Image #1 from Yongchan K.

Yongchan K.

Exactly what I wanted and was waiting for.

Image #1 from Yongchan K.
  1. Molly (Verified)

    I have been using another prescription retinoid adapalene for a few months with good results so wanted to move up to tretinoin. I have used the online dermatology services where they make a custom formula before and highly recommend if money is no issue. I researched websites where it is possible to buy prescription strength tretinoin without a prescription. I chose this website because it was based in the UK and had 2-3 day shipping, though the cost was more than double other websites. It took nearly 2 weeks for my order to arrive which was very disappointing, I had no contact during this time even though I tried to reach out twice. The picture also shows the USA version of retin-a but what I received was the Indian version Retino-A which is what you can buy from many other prescription websites based abroad. Overall I won’t be buying here again. The prescription websites based abroad (ADC is the initials of one of them) offer a much much much lower cost per item, and though delivery is more it is definitely worth it as long as you bulk buy. The products are exactly the same. Maybe if you would like to try just 1 product and are based in the uk, try from here first. Though the customer service and delivery is not good here… Ofcourse this is a strong prescription product so I would recommend doing lots of research before using, working your way up from normal retinol, and going very slowly. dr dray on YouTube has very good information for this. It is the best ingredient you can use for your skin, after spf.

  2. Anonymous (Verified)


  3. Lisa E. (Verified)

    Skin has cleared up within a week, thanks so much

  4. Annabelle (Verified)

    Has completely changed my skin. Have tried so many other actives but all my red inflamed spots weren’t budging. This has been the only thing that has got rid of them. The cream is good too but this causes less dryness.

  5. Yongchan K. (Verified)

    Exactly what I wanted and was waiting for.

    Image #1 from Yongchan K.

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